Hey blog. I’m sorry about neglecting you. It’s been a while, I know—it’s just that, well, there’s kind of this other blog. It’s not about you! You were great. But, I needed a blog that was a little more upbeat, ya know? One to keep my spirits up.

Yet after 3 months since we last spoke, and before that even more, I’m coming back. I forgot how you used to listen to me, even at my most bitter or depressed. You let me be honest with myself. And you kept it quiet. The few who did know about you kept their distance, let us have our space. And I respect that—still do.

So hi, blog. I missed you.

Today is the end of a long and winding road of something completely beautiful. You know the story: girl goes to random ex-make out partners house 3 years after make-out, gets drunk, and is walked home by strange cute friend of ex-make out partner. Girl and boy play battleship, trade phone numbers, and wonder WTF was that. Girl wants to call boy right away because he’d enchanted her, but waits to not seem desperate. Boy does same. Girl and Boy go on a series of dates, and sooner or later are sitting on a kitchen floor in the mountains telling each other ‘I love you’ for the first time. Those are followed by thousands more, each one more concrete than the last. Girl moves to Fiji, and Boy moves to South America. Girl goes nuts and goes to him after a painful three months. Ecstasy and empty bank account. Girl and Boy explore South America and fall more in love. Girl and Boy fall asleep in each others arms at the Airport, and get an extra two hours together before everything falls apart.

The rest is too sad to talk about it, but obviously the story of Girl and Boy comes to an end. This is it.

I’m sad you gave up. RIP Boy and Girl.

'the rest is history'